Men's A Team Vs Craig y Don

Date 2 May 2012
Team Men's A Team
Opposition Craig y Don
Fixture Home
Venue Mold LTC
Start time 18:30
Result W 3 - 1
Match Report

Great start to the season, definately the toughest match we'll encounter this year. With Spray and Herd missing team line up: I.Noonan and M.Sinnott, J.Roberts and B.Gardiner

The start of the season definately shown on Noonan and Sinnott performance with a very slow start. losing the first set 6-1 then a brake down in the second a change needed to happen. A huge hold by Sinnott started the confidence of both players, a quick break back and the game was back on. Continual breaks helped both players coming back into their comfort zones. 6-4 win of the second set and the win was in the eyes.Quick breaks and quickly up in the match tie break. 10-5 win brought delight with some observers enjoying quality tennis.

Roberts and Gardiner blew the second pairing away with a 6-3 6-0 win in a very quick time. Looking like a good partnership for the remainder of the season,

On the reverse matches a strained and tired Noonan and Sinnott took the second pairing 60 6-1 in a quick enough time to watch the other match taking place between Roberts and Gardiner vs Lees and Hogg

The same start to the tough fixture against Lees and Hogg for Gardiner and Roberts. A slow start quickly turned into a 6-0 loss of the first set. The lads then turned on the heat and started to perform. With big serves coming from Lees and Hogg matched by our lads. Big returns and volleys made the second set alot closer than the first. With many break points for both teams only 1 break was needed. Unluckily for us Craig-y-Don took the opportuity and won the second 7-5.

A great turn around and all the confidence is going to be taken into the next match against Prestatyn away on the 9th May.

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